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LumenVox provides powerful, full-featured, and affordable speech recognition software together with a committed focus on excellent customer service. Its innovative speech technology empowers channel integrators, developers, and solution providers to design and deploy dynamic speech solutions. LumenVox has gained industry recognition by winning over 20 awards for innovation, technical excellence, and user’s choice for our Speech Engine, Speech Platform and Speech Tuner. LumenVox can be reached at 877-977-0707 or at

CallNotice is a telecommunications company specializing in web based solutions that generate automated messaging services using phone, email, and cellular SMS Text communications. These services include Appointment Reminder Service, Broadcast Messaging Service, Technology Consulting, and Custom Messaging solutions developed using Integrated Voice Response (IVR) technology.

pulse combines extensive expertise with proven product sets, sold to clients ranging from SME's to Fortune 500 companies. Potential partners can enhance their offering with a more complete product portfolio encompassing scalability, reliability and value. Partners will benefit from sales and technical training, yearly partnering events, and other valuable resources.

pulse is a leading supplier of telephony solutions provided to enterprise and network service providers.With over a decade of market presence, pulse provides innovative and customer oriented solutions to an international client base that includes Fortune 500 companies and governments at the national, state and local levels.

With over 200 customers in 40 countries worldwide, we have a significant base of client advocates for our products and solutions.

Syntellect is a leading provider of self-service and live contact center solutions spanning the entire customer service spectrum. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to empower customers to achieve the best mix of automated and live assistance service with the flexibility to adapt to changing needs and conditions.

At Syntellect, we help our customers create, maintain and continuously improve superior end-to-end service for their customers. With over two decades of pioneering leadership and thousands of solutions deployed globally, Syntellect is a premier provider of enterprise-class contact center solutions for the utilities, financial services, government, high- technology, help desk, consumer products and healthcare industries. Syntellect is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona with additional offices throughout North America and the United Kingdom.

IBM is the world's largest information technology company, and the world's largest consulting services organization. IBM manufactures and sells computer hardware, software, infrastructure services, hosting services, and consulting services.

As a Nortel & Mitel Channel Partner, we offer total support including Design, Engineering, Installation, and Maintenance.

Founded in 1999, Data-Com is tightly focused on the use of emerging technology as the key to maximizing efficiency. The company is highly qualified to conduct comprehensive technology assessments, identify critical needs, and create end-to-end solutions that meet customer communications objectives.

Our professionals boast up to 20 years experience in the communications field. But more than our experience, it’s the ability to keep pace with the rapid changes in the industry that sets us apart. Every member of our team exhibits high levels of product understanding and industry specific knowledge. New ideas are constantly being researched, developed and implemented. Account managers, system designers, engineers, installers, maintenance personnel, administrative staff…everyone is dedicated to looking beyond the obvious to serve the customer better, to exceed expectations.

Callista CTI is a Microsoft Speech Partner. We support Speech Server 2004 and Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007. Speech Server 2007 combines speech technologies, Voice over IP (VoIP), and telephony capabilities into a single system and a single code base.

Microsoft and Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

As an Asterisk based call center solution, Aheeva helps companies to enhance customer satisfaction, to increase revenue and to reduce costs by putting at their disposal effective, flexible and competitive solutions and services.

  • Elect a complete solution for inbound and outbound calls
  • Ensure a transparent workforce management with detailed reports
  • Adopt a real-time quality monitoring, locally and remote
  • Increase your customers' satisfaction through a personalized upgradable service
  • Maximize your agents' productivity for any type of campaigns
  • Make it easier for you to perform the daily management of your staff

Exceed your expectations starting today and widen your organization's possibilities!

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