Add intelligent callflows and automation with IVR.

Build more efficiency into your contact center.

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Intuitive call flow scripting
Wizards and templates build call scripts with the click of a mouse
Labor optimization
Automate interaction for mundane tasks; enable agents to focus on priority discussions
Omnichannel automation
Apply IVR rules to every channel interaction

IVR – Interactive Voice Response

Callista’s next-generation IVR solution provides intuitive maps and intelligent scripts for efficient callflow development. Use the advanced drag-n-drop callflow publishing tool, or simply follow the automated wizard to build your callflow. Or let our designers help you build the best solution for your callers.

IVR automates what your agents are providing to streamline interactions and leave the tricky inquiries to them. Account information, orders, inventory, scheduling or any transactions that require interaction with a database or legacy host computer can be automated to provide 7/24 access to the information they need.